Things To Do At Inveraray Castle

The famous Inveraray Castle is one of Scotland’s finest royal homes. It is known to attract many visitors from all over the globe because of its awesome and historic legacy. The Inveraray Castle is located about 60 miles Northwest of Glasgow city in Scotland. The castle is the ancestral home of the Duke of Argyll, the Chief of the Campbell Clan and serves as a tourist attraction in Scotland. The castle is mostly open for visitors, though the Duke and his family stay in private apartments which cover two floors of the Inveraray Castle’s towers. The main attractions of the castle include:

The famous Armoury Hall- This hall is a tourist attraction as it has a spectacular collection of more than 1300 pikes, muskets, swords and other weapons. This includes Brown Bess muskets, Lochaber axes and various Scottish swords that date back to the 18th century.

The magnificent State Dining Room- This state of the art dining room is adorned with breathtaking French tapestries that were custom-made for the castle. In addition to that, it also has great pieces of Scottish, English and French furniture among many other priceless artworks.

The Inveraray Castle Gardens- These gardens expand on a 16 acre piece of land. The castle gardens are beautifully maintained to give visitors that countryside feel of Argyll that is very romantic. Staying at the beautiful Inveraray Castles, other must-see tourist attractions include:

The Kulmartin House and Glen- these are more than 350 ancient monuments. The prehistoric sites here include the Dunadd, fortress of the Ancient Kings and is also said to be the birthplace of the Scottish nation.

Horse-riding- Visitors staying at the Inveraray Castle can have horse riding adventures and explore the beautiful Scottish countryside. It offers a soothing atmosphere provided by the excellent amenities of the Argyll Adventure that gives you a 4-star riding adventure.

The Inveraray Jail- This is a museum that is a great tourist attraction at Inverary Castle. Based in the 19th century, the Inveraray Jail has real people who exhibit how life was during the 19th century correction facility. This is pretty awesome for history lovers.

LochFyne Oyster Bar- This shop is popular for most visitors. It has a delicious menu of seafood that is simply irresistible to the taste-buds. The oyster bar has been very popular since the 80’s hence is definitely a place to visit during your stay at the Inveraray Castle

In a nutshell, the Inverary Castle offers a great experience to many visitors and sometimes they even have jumping bounce house castles on the grounds. It overlooks the beautiful Argyll countryside that is simply breathtaking. It is the place to be!